Posted on Jan 10, 2019
Retiree volunteers in a factory in Wangara produce over 300 per month of special rough terrain wheelchairs specially adapted for children of all sizes. These wheelchairs, which are distributed and donated to children in under resourced countries, come with all possible aids and comfort devices for critically disabled children. A donation of $200 gives and expertly fits this wheelchair to a child.
In our 21 years, we  have produced and distributed over 43,000 of these wheelchairs to date to 65 countries and are currently producing 350 per month. The cost of freight, distribution and proper fitting is borne by our carefully chosen distributors such as World Vision. Examples being 7,000 to Vietnam, 2,000 to Sri Lanka and 1,800 to Uganda.
The low cost of producing this unique and now much sort after, specialised wheelchair is due to the army of over 500 volunteer workers both in the well equipped factory (we welcome visitors) and out-workers.  Also the payment of our rent by the State Government and Christian Brothers with other expenses paid mainly by Scarborough Rotary.  All public donations, on which we mainly exist, are used to produce the wheelchair.  
A secondary but equally important result of this project is the sense of purpose, comradeship and belonging by those over 500 mainly retiree volunteers.
Many further interesting details, including how to donate, can be found on our website, on our facebook page and in our magazine which can also be downloaded from the website.