Jan 17, 2019 6:45 AM
Peter Simpson
Scholarship Funding for Students at North Metropolitan TAFE

Peter Simpson , the Scarborough Rotary 2018 Vocational Director will discuss how the forthcoming meeting , 17-1-19 , will be the fifth year that Scarborough Rotary has provided Scholarship funding for students at North Metropolitan TAFE .   Peter will expand on how this funding provides assistance and is designed to encourage the recipients to continue with their studies .  Personal statements by each student assisted the decision making process on each scholarship awarded . Cheques will be presented to the following students ...

...  Leia Jane Millar who in 2018 completed both Certificate IV and a diploma of Mental Health 

... Rene Barnes 2018 Certificate in general education 

... Michael Cause 2018 Graphic Design 

... Celeste Ferreira De Menezes 2018 Cerificate III in Commuinity Services 

... Jasmin Wills 2018 Certificate IV in Dental Assisting 

 ... Wolfe Cambell Hayes 2018 Diploma in Marketing

...  Monica Masowska 2018 Certificate III in Allied Health 

This Funding Programme represents Vocational Excellence at North Metropolitan TAFE .