Jul 29, 2021
Michelle Blakeley
My Home Project

After a successful career as Creative Director and Director in advertising and marketing, Michelle returned to university to study architecture.

She has been practicing as an architect for over 14 years and has won various Architectural Awards for design and urban design.

Five years ago, Michelle established her architecture practice, focussing on single and group dwelling residential projects. Many of her clients are down-sizing from large family homes and Michelle’s work explores the space efficiencies of compact housing footprints which can still deliver joyful and comfortable designs which provide a sense of spaciousness and connection to natural light as well as delivering energy efficient, thermally comfortable homes.

Michelle has used the learnings and design elements of her private projects to address the quality and comfort of social and low cost affordable housing.

She founded “My Home” in 2018 to build homes for people experiencing homelessness, believing that we couldn’t wait any longer for the government to do the job. Her designs for the project demonstrate how this can be achieved, believing that the North Fremantle homes should be a demonstration of the standard of housing for everyone, including people experiencing homelessness and poverty.